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Let us show you today how easy it is to have a truly magnificent swimming pool designed and created by Bluewater Pools Cairns for your back yard CONTACT US NOW.

Commersial built resrot swimming pool

Commercial  Pools

Bluewater Pools Cairns have been constructing Commercial Pools in and around the Cairns region for many years. This example shows a beach type shallow end leading to a deeper area at the end and surrounded by a beautifully tilled relaxation area.and leisure area.

Natural type rock pool

Tropical  Pools

A typical key hole shape design forms the basis of this swimming pool. It has a Gold Pebble finish with  an appealing rock waterfall as the filtrations system return. The ledge under the return is an ideal place to relax in this swimming pool.

Backyard swimming pool

Backyard  Pools

A great traditional back yard pool. Finished in blue sheen and complimented with an effective selection of pavers makes this pool timeless. A stepped entry with a relaxation bench fitted with spa jets makes a pool like this  a great asset  to your families fun time.

Exotic style swimming pool

Exotic  Pools

Bluewater Pools Cairns can create for you an exotic look. Combining dark Blue Glass Pebble interiors with lighter coping and adding  earthy timber surrounds and exotic faraway look can be achieved totally transforming your back yard into an exotic paradise.

Free Form swimming pool

Free Form  Pools

Free form swimming pools from Bluewater Pools Cairns can be created in almost any shape, size or depth.  Choose form any existing design or create your own unique shape to suit your own back yard. 

Custom built swimming pool

Custom  Pools

Different and unique sites require different and uniquely individual solutions to create a truly custom swimming pool. Your site and existing buildings can be greatly complimented by the right custom swimming pool form Bluewater Pools.

Courtyard style swimming pool

Courtyard Style  Pools

Any stylish courtyard will be enhanced by a swimming pool styled and crafted by Bluewater Pools. The use of stone, tiles and pebbles all go towards creating that special courtyard look and feel.

Budget swimming pools

Budget  Pools

A traditional shaped swimming pool can also  tick all the boxes. A standard quality swimming pool in your back yard can be built to suit the most discerning budget and still create a unique feeling to your entertainment space

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Gallery of pools

Gallery of Pools

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Zodiac Pool Products form Bluewater pools Cairns

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